Saving victims of
domestic violence
MOVERS: Dedicated to providing a safe and sustainable escape

Moving Against Domestic Violence Ltd  – “Movers”

is a not-for-profit, Benevolent Institution with a dedicated team made up of real people who care about and are committed to helping victims of domestic and family abuse escape from crisis situations – quickly, efficiently and safely – so they can move out for good.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. In Australia, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or previous partner since the age of 15. Similarly, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have experienced emotional abuse by a current or previous partner since the age of 15. Scarily, only 50% of cases are reported to the police.

In our experience 61% of victims go back to their abusers, because they can't stay anywhere else.

Leaving a violent household can be one of the hardest obstacles for victims of domestic violence to overcome.

That’s where we come in.


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Our mission

Safe and sustainable escape

Leaving violence is the riskiest time for people experiencing domestic violence, making a ‘Safe Escape’ our first priority. We are working on making these escapes sustainable, starting with providing donated household goods and services where we can.

We can’t do this without

Corporate superheroes

Our work is possible because of the generous donations of Australia’s business community. Our corporate partners have furnished many homes with essentials like beds, fridges, couches, tables, chairs and much more. Our growing number of corporate partners is continuing to change more and more lives of Australians in need.

Where we can help

Frontline services

Victims of domestic violence connect to us through a frontline service. Frontline services are an integral part of our validation framework and more importantly, provide a range of services and ongoing support of which Movers is just one.

Assist in a sustainable escape.

Save lives,
one move at the time