No one should feel unsafe in their home MOVERS: Dedicated to removing practical barriers

A team of volunteers, powered by corporate, family office and individual donations, to save Australian families experiencing from domestic violence.

While we are not counsellors or caseworkers, we are an essential and
trusted service moving victims out of danger.

Note: Currently, we are looking to reach more of those in need. Please help us with donations, goods and services


We exist to break the cycle of abuse so every Australian can live safely


To remove all tangible barriers to provide access to a safe and sustainable escape.


By 2030 we will have saved 50,000 families

Relocation isn't enough

A two phase plan.

Phase 1 (in action)

Safe escape

Our safe escape priority is getting victims away from danger as quickly as possible. Our team and removalist partners are well-equipped to respond to urgent move requests in a timely manner. Governed by the Movers’ code of conduct, we also provide training to our removalists to help them understand and respond to potential scenarios they may encounter when they turn up to do the move.


Phase 2

Sustainable escape

We are currently working on our second phase of sustainable escape as 70% of victims return to their violent home for various reasons. Helping our survivors get back on their feet is a community effort. Let’s do this together!

How can we do this?

Our work is only possible because of the continued generosity, donations and support from our partners. Being able to gift a family with the household essentials they require significantly lessens their stress when taking this brave new step in their life. Their attention can be turned towards other important things. Finding a job, settling their children into school, connecting with their new community and much more.

Help move families in need