Supporting the Community

Movers aims to provide practical assistance to survivors of domestic and family violence through the coordination of corporate resources. The movers solution will directly assist government and NGO’s in their current crisis response efforts.

Movers will provide survivors with a basket of services in a timely and efficient manner to reduce the stress on families in times of crisis, in direct support of other services.

Services may include removalist and storage services, groceries, electricity and gas as well as household furniture and appliances. Movers believes that this will address both the cost to provide service, the breadth of service provided and deal with those people “trapped” due to lack of financial resources to take the initial steps required to exit damaging environments.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic and family violence is identified in many types. It doesn’t have to be physical abuse, it can be violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour by a partner, family member or carer to cause fear, dominate or control a person. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or other types of abuse.


Who can be affected

Domestic and family violence affects anybody regardless gender, culture, sexual identity, age, race, economic status or location, ethnicity, religion and disability.

 About Moving Against Domestic Violence

It is human nature to see the good in the world and not notice what is going on just below the surface. That all changed for me with one phone call asking me to help. One family was in desperate need of relocation away from violence and I was in a unique position to help, I was willing and I had access to a truck. Better yet my friends were willing to help out to. One family led to another and another and unfortunately the need keeps growing.

In an effort to provide a unique portal where people can come for help or come to provide help I established the association of Moving Against Domestic Violence, movers.org.au, whose mission is to provide practical assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Our members are individuals and companies who are more than willing to help families relocate away from violence. We have just started making a difference so we appreciate any help. If you are in a position to help please reach out and help us grow to support more families in need.

We are based in Sydney but our short term goal is to provide services Australia-wide as domestic violence knows no boundaries.