A little bit more about us

Our story

Back in 2015, our founder was asked by a friend to help move a family out of a domestic violence situation. Having access to a truck, Matt and his friend rolled up their sleeves and did the move themselves. This very moment was the start of Moving Against Domestic Violence – now fondly known by many as, simply, MOVERS.

We are a charity that specialises in practical assistance. We know the time sensitivity of domestic violence situations significantly heightens the stress of arranging for essentials urgently. Whether it is organising a removalist, sourcing a bed for a child or furnishing a kitchen, our team can help.

Today, Movers is a team of volunteers who dedicate their spare hours to fortifying our business model so that our charity can grow and assist as many families in need as we can. Having started in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, we are now assisting families across most suburbs of Metropolitan Sydney.

Our long-term vision is to operate in all States and Territories across Australia so no Australian will feel unsafe and trapped with no option of escape.

Help move families in need